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  • How long is the wait list for services?
    We are currently accepting new patients from the ages of 2 to 10. We accept the following insurances: Medicaid, Peach State and Amerigroup only. Please call 678-992-3097 to begin the process.
  • What will I need for my child to receive services?
    1. An official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. 2. A comprehensive psychological evaluation from a Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Pediatrician. 3. Letter of Medical Necessity for ABA Therapy. 4. Proof of insurance ( Medicaid, Peach State and Amerigroup only). 5. Receive a Free consultation and complete the necessary paper work.
  • If my child is currently at another company, can I switch them to P.A.S?
    Yes! Please contact us at 678-992-3097 for more details on the process.
  • Where do services take place?
    ABA Services may take place in one or more of the following places: - Daycare -Preschool -Private School -Public School ( Depending on the county) - Clinic
  • How do I get my child evaluated for Autism?
    We do not conduct Psychological Evaluations; we only facilitate therapeutic services. Please call us at 678-992-3097 for recommendations on where to get Psychological Evaluations completed.
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